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We will dedicate our next game to you and doh629.

We will dedicate our next game to you and jdubss5.

10 doable, wonder if 15 is within reach? o.O

We got a hacker over here!


Woo-hoo, a high score of 6! Next stop: double digits

Consider the game beat if you can save at least 5 patients! 

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We promised and we delivered!

Patient Z has been updated with the following:

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players cannot pick up items (Unity's OnTriggerEnter2D was not always being called, so we replaced it with OnTriggerStay2D)
  • Improved AI pathing
  • Fixed object layering
  • Rebalanced difficulty by:
    • spacing out the map
    • increasing patient expiration time from 15 to 20 seconds
    • resetting patients' expiration time in between requests
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Until we update our win conditions, we dares to challenge our high score?

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Sorry, folks!

There's currently an occasional bug where some items can't be picked up. We think it has something to do with the item colliders as walking off, then back on the item usually fixes it.

Other things we are looking into for an upcoming hotfix:

  • Improved AI pathing so zombies and patients will stop getting caught on walls
  • Rebalancing (either patients can only have 2 requests max, increase request times, or reset timer for each request on a multi-request patient)
  • Layering issues (such as zombies clipping below item spawns and patients clipping above wall tiles)
  • Adding a win condition (maybe save 5 patients?)

How Do I winnnn :'((

Greetings, ChreativeGaming!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our game :D

We initially designed it as a "high score chasing" game, where you try to save as many patients as you can and this is the version currently uploaded.

After some playtesting, we (and I'm sure you too) realized it just wasn't that fun!

We are currently making some tweaks so that the game is beatable and maybe we'll add a few new levels along the way!