Diceimate, a GMTK Game Jam 2022 submission

In this puzzle game, you are rolling digital representations of a standard, Bicycle die to get all non-infinity tiles to 0. 

Imagine a die with the 1-face on top. Its left and right faces would be 4 and 3, its front and back faces would be 2 and 5 (these 4 values are represented by the smaller dice in-game surrounding the player-controlled die), and its bottom face would be 6 (fun fact: all opposite faces sum to 7!).

The objective of each puzzle is to get the values of all non-infinity tiles to 0. The value of each tile is decremented by the value of the bottom face that lands on it.

Control-wise, click on the big dice to select which one to move and use WASD to roll it in the desired direction.

If the instructions are still vague, there's no better way to learn than to just play the game, so good luck and roll out!

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