DancesWithPixels is proud to present...

A Weekly Game Jam #110 submission...

Featuring floating sky islands...



W/Space to (DOUBLE) JUMP
S to DIG

Collect the coins!

Don't fall down!



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Fun stuff, like the random islands. That (really cool looking) background could use some parallax scrolling!

With how the character is about the same size as the tiles, it makes it a bit hard for the player to drop into one tile wide holes at times.


Thanks for checking out my game!

I am still trying to get a grip on what makes good aesthetics in 2D games and will try to apply your suggestion to my next one!

Believe it or not, the character was originally the same size as a tile and forcing him to drop into a hole required a lot of trial and error. I already shrunk him by 10%, but it sounds like it needed more! Do you have any suggestions? Is there a general rule where the characters should be X% the tile size?

Not sure myself, honestly. Could just use more reduction in character size, or maybe a bit of a slowdown where your character is starting to go over a hole (Probably not the best solutions).


Certainly things to experiment with, especially the slowdown one! That one's never crossed my mind and I'd be curious to see how that affects gameplay. Appreciate the suggestions again :)